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I was born in a hindu family, but during 2014-18 I started experiencing things which were beyond my understanding. I kept thinking all the while about what is happening with me, until I finally came across a documentary about "The Life of Prophet Mohammad". It was like the missing piece of the puzzle. Everything came together soon after that.

This was when I accepted Islam. At the beginning I came across some problems like where to read Quran, and moreover how to understand it in English as Quran is in Arabic, and I know nothing of Arabic.

Then I found some works of Islam which helped me. I have collected those and made them available on this website for other new reverts like me. Some of these are:

Other than these there is an article section and a discussion board where you can ask your questions and other members of the website can help you! For your ease, the discussion board is similar to Twitter in functionality, but without any limit of words.
The idea behind this board is not just to discuss Islam, but also to help other brothers in their daily living as well.
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50 verses of Quran for today

Takes only 4 months to read and fully understand entire Quran at this slow speed! Just visit this page daily once whenever you got time, in a train, early morning at your office desk, any time you like.

Quran 6:7 Had We sent down upon you a book on paper, and they had touched it with their hands, those who disbelieve would have said, “This is nothing but plain magic.”

Quran 6:8 And they say, “Why was an angel not sent down to him.” Had We sent down an angel, the matter would have been settled, and they would not have been reprieved.

Quran 6:9 Had We made him an angel, We would have made him a man, and confused them when they are already confused.

Quran 6:10 Messengers before you were ridiculed, but those who mocked them became besieged by what they ridiculed.

Quran 6:11 Say, “Travel the earth and observe the final fate of the deniers.”

Quran 6:12 Say, “To whom belongs what is in the heavens and the earth?” Say, “To God.” He has inscribed for Himself mercy. He will gather you to the Day of Resurrection, in which there is no doubt. Those who lost their souls do not believe.

Quran 6:13 To Him belongs whatever rests in the night and the day. He is the Hearing, the Knowing.

Quran 6:14 Say, “Shall I take for myself a protector other than God, Originator of the heavens and the earth, and He feeds and is not fed?” Say, “I am instructed to be the first of those who submit.” And do not be among the idolaters.

Quran 6:15 Say, “I fear, should I defy my Lord, the punishment of a tremendous Day.”

Quran 6:16 Whoever is spared on that Day—He had mercy on him. That is the clear victory.

Quran 6:17 If God touches you with adversity, none can remove it except He. And if He touches you with good—He is Capable of everything.

Quran 6:18 He is the Supreme over His servants. He is the Wise, the Expert.

Quran 6:19 Say, “What thing is more solemn in testimony?” Say, “God is Witness between you and me. This Quran was revealed to me, that I may warn you with it, and whomever it may reach. Do you indeed testify that there are other gods with God?” Say, “I myself do not testify.” Say, “He is but One God, and I am innocent of your idolatry.”

Quran 6:20 Those to whom We have given the Book recognize it as they recognize their own children; but those who have lost their souls do not believe.

Quran 6:21 Who does greater wrong than someone who fabricates lies against God, or denies His revelations? The wrongdoers will not succeed.

Quran 6:22 On the Day when We gather them all together, then say to the idolaters, “Where are your idols, those you used to claim?”

Quran 6:23 Then their only argument will be to say, “By God, our Lord, we were not idolaters.”

Quran 6:24 Look how they lied to themselves. And what they invented deserted them.

Quran 6:25 Among them are those who listen to you; but We place covers over their hearts, to prevent them from understanding it, and heaviness in their ears. Even if they see every sign, they will not believe in it. Until, when they come to you, to argue with you, those who disbelieve will say, “These are nothing but myths of the ancients.”

Quran 6:26 They keep others from it, and avoid it themselves; but they ruin only their own souls, and they do not realize.

Quran 6:27 If only you could see, when they are made to stand before the Fire; they will say, “If only we could be sent back, and not reject the revelations of our Lord, and be among the faithful.”

Quran 6:28 What they used to conceal before will become clear to them. And even if they were sent back, they would revert to what they were forbidden. They are liars.

Quran 6:29 And they say, “There is nothing but our life in this world, and we will not be resurrected.”

Quran 6:30 If only you could see, when they are stationed before their Lord. He will say, “Is this not real?” They will say, “Yes indeed, by our Lord.” He will say, “Then taste the torment for having disbelieved.”

Quran 6:31 Losers are those who deny the encounter with God. Then, when the Hour comes upon them suddenly, they will say, “Alas for us, how we have neglected it.” And they will carry their burdens on their backs—evil is what they carry.

Quran 6:32 The life of this world is nothing but game and distraction, but the Home of the Hereafter is better for those who are righteous. Do you not understand?

Quran 6:33 We know that what they say grieves you. It is not you they reject, but it is God's revelations that the wicked deny.

Quran 6:34 Other messengers before you were rejected, but they endured rejection and persecution until Our help came to them. There can be no change to God’s words. News of the Messengers has already reached you.

Quran 6:35 If you find their rejection hard to bear, then if you can, seek a tunnel into the earth, or a stairway into the heaven, and bring them a sign. Had God willed, He could have gathered them to guidance. So do not be of the ignorant.

Quran 6:36 Only those who listen will respond. As for the dead, God will resurrect them; then to Him they will be returned.

Quran 6:37 And they say, “If only a sign could come down to him from his Lord.” Say, “God is Able to send down a sign, but most of them do not know.”

Quran 6:38 There is no animal on land, nor a bird flying with its wings, but are communities like you. We neglected nothing in the Scripture. Then to their Lord they will be gathered.

Quran 6:39 Those who reject Our revelations are deaf and dumb, in total darkness. Whomever God wills, He leaves astray; and whomever He wills, He sets on a straight path.

Quran 6:40 Say, “Have you considered? if God's punishment came upon you, or the Hour overtook you, would you call upon any other than God, if you are sincere?”

Quran 6:41 In fact, it is Him you will call upon; and if He wills, he will remove what you called Him for, and you will forget what you idolized.

Quran 6:42 We sent messengers to communities before you, and We afflicted them with suffering and hardship, that they may humble themselves.

Quran 6:43 If only, when Our calamity came upon them, they humbled themselves. But their hearts hardened, and Satan made their deeds appear good to them.

Quran 6:44 Then, when they disregarded what they were reminded of, We opened for them the gates of all things. Until, when they delighted in what they were given, We seized them suddenly; and at once, they were in despair.

Quran 6:45 Thus the last remnant of the people who did wrong was cut off. And praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds.

Quran 6:46 Say, “Have you considered? If God took away your hearing and your sight, and set a seal on your hearts, what god other than God would restore them to you?” Note how We explain the revelations in various ways, yet they still turn away.

Quran 6:47 Say, “Have you considered? if God's punishment descended on you suddenly or gradually, would any be destroyed except the wrongdoing people?”

Quran 6:48 We sent the messengers only as bearers of good news and as warners. Those who believe and reform have nothing to fear, nor shall they grieve.

Quran 6:49 But as for those who reject Our revelations, torment will afflict them because of their defiance.

Quran 6:50 Say, “I do not say to you that I possess the treasuries of God, nor do I know the future, nor do I say to you that I am an angel. I only follow what is inspired to me.” Say, “Are the blind and the seeing alike? Do you not think?”

Quran 6:51 And warn with it those who fear to be gathered before their Lord—they have no protector or intercessor apart from Him—perhaps they will grow in piety.

Quran 6:52 And do not drive away those who call upon their Lord, morning and evening, seeking His attention. You are not accountable for them in any way, nor are they accountable for you in any way. If you drive them away, you would be one of the unjust.

Quran 6:53 Thus We try some of them by means of others, that they may say, “Are these the ones whom God has favored from among us?” Is God not aware of the appreciative?

Quran 6:54 When those who believe in Our revelations come to you, say, “Peace be upon you, your Lord has prescribed mercy for Himself. Whoever among you does wrong out of ignorance, and then repents afterwards and reforms—He is Forgiving and Merciful.”

Quran 6:55 Thus We explain the revelations, and expose the path of the unrighteous.

Quran 6:56 Say, “I am forbidden from worshiping those you pray to besides God.” Say, “I will not follow your desires; else I would be lost and not be of those guided.”

 30 questions of reverts answered  Red Quran Meaning of Pure Islam RED Guide of Islam for Reverts