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I was born in a hindu family, but during 2014-18 I started experiencing things which were beyond my understanding. I kept thinking all the while about what is happening with me, until I finally came across a documentary about "The Life of Prophet Mohammad". It was like the missing piece of the puzzle. Everything came together soon after that.

This was when I accepted Islam. At the beginning I came across some problems like where to read Quran, and moreover how to understand it in English as Quran is in Arabic, and I know nothing of Arabic.

Then I found some works of Islam which helped me. I have collected those and made them available on this website for other new reverts like me. Some of these are:

Other than these there is an article section and a discussion board where you can ask your questions and other members of the website can help you! For your ease, the discussion board is similar to Twitter in functionality, but without any limit of words.
The idea behind this board is not just to discuss Islam, but also to help other brothers in their daily living as well.
Like if you are a freelancer, go and make a profile there and some other brother looking for a freelancer can contact you! Likewise, if you provide other products or services like Quran teaching etc, go and make a post in the "Products and Services" section. Someone might be looking for such services, and they might contact you.
But I request you to keep products and services related posts in the Products and Services section only, otherwise I will have to remove them, something which I do not want to do...

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50 verses of Quran for today

Takes only 4 months to read and fully understand entire Quran at this slow speed! Just visit this page daily once whenever you got time, in a train, early morning at your office desk, any time you like.

Quran 69:11 When the waters overflowed, We carried you in the cruising ship.

Quran 69:12 To make it a lesson for you—so that retaining ears may retain it.

Quran 69:13 Then, when the Trumpet is sounded a single time.

Quran 69:14 And the earth and the mountains are lifted up, and crushed, with a single crush.

Quran 69:15 On that Day, the Event will come to pass.

Quran 69:16 And the heaven will crack; so on that Day it will be frail.

Quran 69:17 And the angels will be ranged around its borders, while eight will be carrying the Throne of your Lord above them that Day.

Quran 69:18 On that Day you will be exposed, and no secret of yours will remain hidden.

Quran 69:19 As for him who is given his book in his right hand, he will say, “Here, take my book and read it.

Quran 69:20 I knew I would be held accountable.”

Quran 69:21 So he will be in pleasant living.

Quran 69:22 In a lofty Garden.

Quran 69:23 Its pickings are within reach.

Quran 69:24 “Eat and drink merrily for what you did in the days gone by.”

Quran 69:25 But as for him who is given his book in his left hand, he will say, “I wish I was never given my book.

Quran 69:26 And never knew what my account was.

Quran 69:27 If only it was the end.

Quran 69:28 My money cannot avail me.

Quran 69:29 My power has vanished from me.”

Quran 69:30 “Take him and shackle him.

Quran 69:31 Then scorch him in the Blaze.

Quran 69:32 Then in a chain which length is seventy cubits tie him up.

Quran 69:33 For he would not believe in God the Great.

Quran 69:34 Nor would he advocate the feeding of the destitute.

Quran 69:35 So he has no friend here today.

Quran 69:36 And no food except scum.

Quran 69:37 Which only the sinners eat.”

Quran 69:38 Indeed, I swear by what you see.

Quran 69:39 And by what you do not see.

Quran 69:40 It is the speech of a noble messenger.

Quran 69:41 And it is not the speech of a poet—little do you believe.

Quran 69:42 Nor is it the speech of a soothsayer—little do you take heed.

Quran 69:43 It is a revelation from the Lord of the Worlds.

Quran 69:44 Had he falsely attributed some statements to Us.

Quran 69:45 We would have seized him by the right arm.

Quran 69:46 Then slashed his lifeline.

Quran 69:47 And none of you could have restrained Us from him.

Quran 69:48 Surely, it is a message for the righteous.

Quran 69:49 And We know that some of you will reject it.

Quran 69:50 And it is surely a source of grief for the unbelievers.

Quran 69:51 Yet it is the absolute truth.

Quran 69:52 So glorify the name of your Lord, the Magnificent.

Quran 70:0 In the name of God, the Gracious, the Merciful.

Quran 70:1 A questioner questioned the imminent torment.

Quran 70:2 For the disbelievers; none can repel it.

Quran 70:3 From God, Lord of the Ways of Ascent.

Quran 70:4 Unto Him the angels and the Spirit ascend on a Day the duration of which is fifty thousand years.

Quran 70:5 So be patient, with sweet patience.

Quran 70:6 They see it distant.

Quran 70:7 But We see it near.

 30 questions of reverts answered  Red Quran Meaning of Pure Islam RED Guide of Islam for Reverts